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Rand Paul Tackles Industry Concerns in New Marijuana Bill

For years, marijuana was treated harshly as a street drug. Now that the legalization movement is making headway, many policymakers don’t know what to do. Trying to find a compromise between legalizing hemp products and maintaining strict regulations leads to some big problems.

For one thing, policymakers often don’t grasp the process of producing CBD and hemp plants. This lack of understanding creates a lot of problems for farmers and suppliers looking for fair guidelines. Luckily, they are not alone in this batter for reasonable regulations.

Sen. Rand Paul recently backed farmers by proposing a bill that would allow for more lenient THC concentrations. Right now, businesses must have their hemp containing no more than 0.3% THC. While many lawmakers believed this was a fair request – many hemp businesses shared their criticism.

This value is far too low to maintain. There are so many different factors that influence THC levels that you have to monitor them constantly. Paul’s new proposal supports the request to raise this threshold to 1%.

That is not the only change. The Hemp Economic Mobilization Plan (HEMP) Act aims to make. It also proposes a new procedure for measuring these levels. Rather than taking THC measurements from the plant directly, the act lets the farmer test the products themselves.

You should expect shifts in THC levels during the manufacturing process. Current policies don’t consider this. Instead, farmers need to test the plants before harvest – which many reports “stretches their resources thin.”

The act also proposes a new certification procedure where a copy declaring seeds were grown from 1% THC plants at facilities and transport. This new rule is a great way to keep things legal and organized.

These additional rules make transportation more regulated so that you don’t have so many gray areas with law enforcement. Sometimes, law enforcement unlawfully stops and collects perfectly legal hemp seeds.

Previous regulations failed to enforce systematic ways to identify the legal product. With this certificate, there is now an objective way to solve these incidences that favor whoever sides with the law. The certification process will help the business move smoothly.

Finally, Paul also proposed defining a margin of error. Determining the margin of error will encourage transparency.

If we want to help the marijuana industry move forward, we need to support and encourage it. Many unnecessary regulations appear to reflect the old ideals of the hemp industry. These aren’t helping anyone. On the other side, they are hurting farmers and new businesses.

Making these adjustments to facilitate the hemp industry may help stimulate the economy and get Americans the hemp products they want and need.

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