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A Study On The Importance Of Due Diligence When It Comes To Buying CBD

While you don’t always need to buy the most expensive or famous option – it can pay off to invest in respected companies.  

New research investigating the truth behind Cannabidiol product labels have found some pretty significant inconsistencies between information on labels and what the product was selling. 

The CBD Awareness Project 

The entire investigation was carried out by an organization called the CBD Awareness Project. Their mission is to separate fact from fiction in the current CBD industry.  

The main problem is that right now; the CBD market is highly unregulated. This market makes it much easier for a company to get by while lying to consumers.  

Many believe that many hemp products have the potential to offer health benefits. However, the market won’t thrive when you have suspicious companies mislead consumers over the strength of their CBD oil and topical creams.  

There is the unfortunate saying in the industry that CBD “stands for Could Be Dishwater.” The team decided to put this to the test and conduct an analysis of several different CBD products.  

What Did These Results Find? 

The team conducted potency analyses on several products purchased from various grocery stores, CBD retailers, and gas stations throughout Florida. The product was measured for traces of CBD and compared to what the label said.  

Results from these tests were alarming. Unsurprisingly, gas stations were the biggest offenders of false advertising. On average, they delivered about 60% less CBD than promised – and over half the items in the study had no detectable levels of CBD.  

CBD stores were more reliable – but still demonstrated inconsistencies between the label and what the label said. Generally, products purchased at these retailers contained about 80% of what the product advertised. 

In the end, grocery store purchases were the most reliable. On average, they delivered even more than their labels had suggested.  

Tips For Finding Reliable Products 

Even within these locations, there was some variation between products. Luckily, this investigation did uncover some helpful tips of which items to invest in to get the most out of your money: 

Avoid very cheap products: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. While you shouldn’t have to break the bank on your CBD items, there is something to be said about spending too little. When you find CBD oil for under $5, it probably isn’t a bargain. These are the products most likely to be misleading on their label. Remember, you get what you pay for.  

Beware of beverages: Not all products are created equal. Some items were more reliable than others. While there are some discrepancies between things such as oils and edibles – beverages are the riskiest purchases of them all. They were the least reliable source of CBD according to this investigation.  

Do your research: Above all, these tests were limited. The market is incredibly saturated, and many companies are trying to pop out enticing products faster than many regulations can keep up. Before you buy a product, consider doing your research to see what other users had to say. If you don’t want to trust random online reviews, consider getting in touch with our experts at Treevana. Our team evaluates hundreds of products so that you don’t have to waste all your resources to find the highest quality products.  

Our continued vision at Treevana is to provide a reliable source for customers in the emerging legal, medical cannabis industry. In addition to providing hemp-based products, Treevana has partnered with highly respected physicians who advocate the use of hemp-based treatments as an adjuvant to often toxic pharmaceutical medications.  

Treevana provides education to the hemp community both locally and nationwide. Our partnership with leaders in the medical community and consultants on extraction technologies ensures that customers receive the latest, most scientifically accurate information to help you decide what treatments may be best for the body and the mind.  

For more information, visit https://treevanawellness.com/. 


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