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Cannabis and its potential role in Opioid Use Disorder

Modern medicine brings us amazing solutions to dire medical situations. Unfortunately, there are times where these “solutions” are too good to be true. As more people use certain substances, new trends arise, which indicates the impact the substance has on society.

In the United States, especially, an obvious problem developed from prolific opioid prescriptions. While Opioid Use Disorder continues to wreak havoc resulting in the opioid crisis, a once illicit drug may be the underdog solution.

What is Opioid Use Disorder?

Opioid Use Disorder is a disease characterized by the exhibition of problematic behaviors concerning opioid use. To constitute a diagnosis, patients need to exhibit two or more of the following behaviors over a year relating to the loss of control, social problems, risky use, or pharmacological problems.

  • Unintentionally using the substance beyond initial expectations (Using a higher dosage or longer than expected)
  • Inability to stop using the substance despite the effort to stop
  • Going through extensive effort to use or obtain the substance
  • Uncontrollable desire to use the substance (craving)
  • Opioid use interfering with life responsibilities (school, work, home life)
  • Consistent use despite the development of apparent problems is social life
  • Allow opioid use to disrupt activities in your life (both professional and recreational)
  • Using opioids in a dangerous manner
  • Persistence to use opioid use after a physical or psychological problem associated with substance use
  • The user feels reduced effects from the initial dosage of the drug (or takes more to achieve the same result of initial use) (Tolerance)
  • Experience “withdrawal” when you don’t have the drug

Everyone experiences this differently, and some individuals are very good at hiding symptoms. Always be sure to bring up any potential substance use problems with your doctor.

How Prevalent is Opioid Use Disorder?

Opioid Use Disorder is a problem that occurs right in our backyards. About 25% of opioid-prescribed patients misuse their prescriptions in some way. Of those patients, between 8 and 12 percent end up meeting the criteria for Opioid Use Disorder.

The scary part is – it’s pretty easy to get a prescription. Many people can get a prescription for opioids, such as Vicodin or Oxycodone, to treat common injuries or pain following a medical procedure. While not everyone develops an addiction for the substance, it is easier than most people think.

Still, opioids are incredibly useful, making them popular pain management treatments.

What role may cannabis play in this disease?

Patients often have medical conditions underlying their opioid use. It would help if you didn’t have to suffer from your chronic conditions or lower back pain to avoid getting hooked on a potentially harmful substance.

Experts are looking to combat Opioid Use Disorder investigate possible alternative treatments that would come with less risk. In recent years, the legalization of medical marijuana across the nation opened possibilities as a safer substitute.

Although there is still much to explore in the medical cannabis industry, the substance certainly demonstrates potential as a pain treatment that comes with little risk of dependency or overdose.

Our team at Treevana is here to offer you a reliable source for customers looking to explore the emerging marijuana industry. Contact us today for more information.

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