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COVID-19 and Medical Marijuana

The corona pandemic impacted several medical industries in powerful ways. The medical marijuana industry was no different here.  

Surprisingly, the effects of the pandemic were not so adverse. The regulations enforced by the pandemic pushed the industry to another level of formal recognition.  

Is medical marijuana an essential service? 

When certain stores and clinics closed in response to the spreading pandemic, recognized “essential” locations remained open. Among the hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores permitted to stay open – marijuana providers stayed open in many states.  

In a way, this was validation from the government that medical marijuana was an important business. These cannabis-related operations allowed to remain open included physicians and even licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.  

This decision surprised many people as laws vary between states, and controversy surrounding the recognition of medical marijuana is controversial at times.  

Cannabis online services: 

Like many other industries, cannabis health evaluation moved online to reduce face-to-face contact. Even before the pandemic struck, several physicians implemented video-call appointments for patient evaluations.  

While many doctors reserved these appointments for those physically restricted from leaving their homes, the pandemic expanded this option to others—online options allowed for social distancing without having to compromise health.  

Virtual consultations are generally more than necessary for an educated option. When in doubt, an in-person follow-up is always an option.  

This model is not only ideal for the pandemic crisis – clinics experience several unexpected benefits from this digital shift.  

For one thing, this digital shift saves a lot of time and effort on both sides. Patients don’t have to drive out of the way to attend an appointment. In many cases, the meeting itself takes only a fraction of the time it took to go out to the clinic and find parking. Online appointments are an excellent option for patients that live long distances away (or deal with obnoxious public transportation).  

The physician also greatly benefits from these digital interactions for those reasons. Saving the time and effort at the end of the doctor allows them the time to energy to visit even more patients. Creating a clinical space where both parties remain home reduces exposure and helps fight against the pandemic.  

“Herb-side” pickup 

While you can receive referrals and prescriptions digitally, you cannot merely materialize cannabis out of thin air. There are social distancing protocols to pick up your medicinal CBD. Just like many stores offer the option to pick up packages or orders outside the location – there are curbside pickup options at many dispensaries.  

In some states, you may even have the option to order products over the phone or online. Then, you receive the cannabis capsules, CBD oils, or hemp products right on your door – legally and discretely.  

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