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Let’s Vote for Healthcare Changes in 2020!

The upcoming election will be a landmark event for a variety of reasons. Significant changes are coming to the U.S. next year – and it’s our duty as Americans to make sure we vote for what we believe in.  

 Among all the other things to consider when casting your vote, healthcare should be a priority. Compared to other firstworld nations, the U.S. has the worst healthcare system. Medications and treatments are incredibly expensive, impeding the quality of lives for many Americans.  

 Corona and Healthcare 

This problem is one thing that the Corona pandemic highlighted for us. No one expected us to come face to face with a pandemic, yet, here we are. As of now, over 200,000 Americans have lost their lives to the virus. These numbers are incredibly high compared to other countries, especially considering our population density and the wealth of the U.S. as a nation. 

Accessibility to healthcare is one factor thought to contribute to these inflated numbers. COVID-19 pushed our healthcare system beyond limits. In addition to spike in unemployment, economic problems, and political movements – the U.S. is under a lot of strain at the moment 

 One thing that could put the U.S. back on track is universal healthcare. Universal healthcare is a staple in many nations around the world. It’s shown to be successful for ultimately helping the economy, keeping citizens healthy, and keeping a higher quality of life.  

 Universal Health Care and the U.S. 
Why are so many Americans reluctant to shift to a universal healthcare system? Taxing.  

 Universal healthcare allows everyone to have affordable healthcare. When this exists, the money has to come from somewhere. There seems to be a misunderstanding that the taxation would destroy the economy and ruin bluecollar wages.  

 These fallacies are not only inaccurate but hinder our progress as a nation. While taxation coming out of wages is a reasonable solution (as it often works according to your income bracket and what you can afford), there are other options out there for funding.  

 Universal Healthcare and Cannabis  

Taxes don’t just come out of paychecks – they are small fees put on every item. When you go to the store checkout, that 6% you pay more than the price tag is a tax.  

The government is always looking for creative ways to earn some money – why not address the green elephant in the room. Federal legalization would provide an estimated $175.8 billion in tax revenue and make about 1.5 million jobs! 

The U.S. could need financial help now more than ever. Many politicians are speaking out on what their take is on the legalization movement in light of these findings.  

It’s now more important than ever to do your research and cast a smart vote! 

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