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Cannabis use in Elderly Populations

Such a negative stigma once surrounded cannabis. Nowadays, many experts recognize the substance for having many medicinal properties.  

CBD products can help with a wide range of medical problems, without many of the harsh side effects of other pharmaceutical interventions.  

These enticing properties encourage many patients to switch to CBD products every year, especially with increased leniencies regarding marijuana legislation in the U.S. 

Some people still feel very nervous about trying the products. Members of the elderly population sometimes feel scared or reluctant to try CBD, despite the potential benefits.  

We are here to walk you through first-time CBD use for senior citizens.  

  • Learn the facts 

Do a little bit of research before you go into your doctor’s appointment. This research helps teach you what you should expect from your visit. Investigate what conditions qualify for a medical marijuana license and prepare yourself for the questions the doctor will ask. It’s also comforting to know that you are not alone. Reaching out to your community may shed some light on things on your mind. For example, did you know that the elderly are the fastest-growing population of marijuana users? 

  • Talk to a doctor 

Above all, you should never take any supplement or treatment without talking to your doctor. It does not matter how holistic or organic something is. There is always the chance something can interfere with your medication or lead to side effects. Yes, this even goes for those CBD products you find at the gas station. Be honest with your doctor and ask them any questions you have. They are medical professionals who can offer expert medical advice that you can’t find online with a few pages of internet searches. They will also take you through obtaining a license and direct you to the right offices.  

  • Learn the laws 

A doctor will not give you a license unless it is legal. It does not mean that you are legal wherever you go. It is a wise idea to research the laws of your state and other locations you may visit. It many cases, it is illegal to travel with marijuana to some states. If marijuana is illegal in that state, you may be breaking the law, even if you have the official card on you.  

  • Find what works for you 

Once you obtain a license, you need to find what you are most comfortable using. There are many different ways for you to take cannabis. Popular methods include ingestion (in the form of oils, pills, or foods), topical applications (like lotions), or inhalation (such as vaping or smoking). Finding what is right for you may take some time, but it can help talk to your doctor or other CBD experts.  

Our team at Treevana Wellness is here to help you learn more about CBD products. We’ve taken the time to review hundreds of CBD products to deliver only the highestquality CBD oil, capsules, and edibles in our selection.  


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