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CBD: Breaking the Stigma

You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard of CBD right now. This hip buzzword has been sweeping across the nation as both a controversial and medicinal topic.  

Often used in tandem with the legalization movement, many people are unaware of what CBD is. CBD, or cannabidiol, is so much more than marijuana and pot.  

Understanding the applications and science behind CBD can bring us closer to breaking the stigma and offering people a new source of relief.  

What Is CBD? 

Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds which make up a hemp or cannabis plant. While the intricate interactions this compound remains misunderstood, clinical research has found that it can have some positive effects on the human body.  

When isolated from, or substantially reduced in, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), you don’t get the same, potentially debilitating euphoric reaction that one would get from marijuana. This happens because, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.  

Extracted CBD can be used to create a whole variety of products, including CBD oil, edibles, and capsules. If you don’t want to ingest it directly, there are vape cartridges or topical creams that allow you to get it in your body in different ways.  

What Does CBD Do? 

If you don’t take it to get high, you may be wondering why people want to use CBD products. The thing is, the benefits of CBD are not just for recreation.  

Many potential medicinal applications encourage individuals to try CBD products. Using CBD allows patents to experience symptom relief without having to worry about being cognitively impaired. 

Consider the highlights of what clinical trials have found CBD to be effective in treating: 

  • Anxiety disorders 
  • Pain  
  • Sleep quality
  • Epilepsy  

Of course, more research will need to be done in the coming years further to support the efficacy of CBD as a treatment. Luckily, many patients with access to CBD can safely see how it works for them with relatively little risk. Imagine how great it would be if patients could successfully use this hemp derivative for pain instead of a strong and potentially addictive narcotic.  

How Do You Purchase CBD Products? 

CBD products are generally easy to find. You may even be able to find some items are your local gas station or grocery store. Remember, though – not all products are equal. As the CBD industry is relatively new, the market is not very regulated at the moment.  

You must always do two things before you invest in a CBD product. First and foremost, talk to your doctor. A licensed medical physician can offer expert advice on how to treat your symptoms safely.  

Secondly, make sure to do your research before you get a product. There are many times where products are just not good quality.  

We at Treevana are here to help you get reliable and high-quality CBD products you need and deserve. Treevana is committed to helping our customers find the right solution for their personal needs.  

Our continued vision at Treevana is to provide a reliable source for customers in the emerging legal, medical cannabis industry. In addition to providing hemp-based products, Treevana has partnered with highly respected physicians who advocate the use of hemp-based treatments as an adjuvant to often toxic pharmaceutical medications.  

Treevana provides education to the hemp community both locally and nationwide. Our partnership with leaders in the medical community and consultants on extraction technologies ensures that customers receive the latest, most scientifically accurate information to help you decide what treatments may be best for the body and the mind.  

For more information, visit https://treevanawellness.com/ 


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