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Federal Government Wants to Know What You Have to Say About CBD and Pain

The medical marijuana movement hits close to home for millions of Americans. Despite the harsh restrictions cannabis compounds faced over the years, promising clinical treatments and public outcry gave the movement a foundation to stand on.

Although the movement itself made great strides over the years, we still have a ways to go before every American has legal access to this life-changing substance. What’s promising is that the federal government is now offering a platform for activists to speak on.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is a government agency looking for the public’s opinion. Representatives stated that they want to explore plant-based alternatives to pain treatment. The U.S. has a substantial opioid addiction problem.

A lot of this comes from the overprescribing of opioids. Compared to many other countries, it is incredibly easy to obtain an opioid prescription in the United States. The problem is that, while these drugs are effective, opioids have pretty harsh side effects. Among issues with overdosing and tolerance – opioids are notorious for their addictive properties.

This dependence results in many victims that found themselves with a problem after getting a prescription from their doctor. As a society, we need to explore the other options available to battle the opioid crisis while still offering effective treatment.

Right now – the AHRQ’s interest is cannabinoids and kratom. Both of these plant-based treatment alternatives pose potential solutions to opioid prescriptions. They reported that previous reviews were too mixed to support cannabis concretely.

Despite these controversies, millions of people all over the world praise cannabis treatments. In some areas in the U.S., it is even wholly legal to use the substance recreationally. As attitudes shift in favor of cannabis, many policymakers now question the substance.

The AHRQ wants to reopen up their investigation. To gather the necessary data, they are turning to the public for their experiences. There are a few leading questions they have for adults suffering from chronic pain.

  1. What are the benefits of cannabinoids, kratom, or other plant-based treatments?
  2. What are the harms or disadvantages of these treatments?

If the agency finds significant evidence in favor of legalization – advocates expect great things for the future of the marijuana movement.

This opportunity is exciting for activists looking to see some change in the upcoming years. With the help and support of federal agencies, there’s an excellent chance to speed up progress. The faster society finds a solution to opioid pain killers – the quicker we can battle the opioid crisis and help millions of Americans struggling with chronic pain and addiction.

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