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Should Addicts Use CBD Products?

The new cannabis industry offers a new range of products that are enticing to people of all backgrounds. Cannabinoid (CBD) products especially are a trending topic that exhibits a lot of potentials. While experts are excited to explore the therapeutic implications of the new products,  some people remain hesitant about what the emerging CBD industry means to them. Decades of stereotyping deter many suffering from substance abuse from considering any marijuana products.

What causes substance abuse?

Substance abuse is a pretty broad diagnosis that refers to the risky misuse of several different controlled substances. Although many associate the disease with “illegal street drugs” such as heroin or meth, a considerable portion of sufferers battle with completely legal substances such as alcohol or prescription drugs.

This complicated disorder is not a “choice” you can get over with enough willpower. There are many underlying psychological and physiological mechanisms that cultivate the disorder. Unfortunately, it’s something that most people encounter unintentionally.

Is marijuana a “gateway drug?”

For years, propaganda tactics put a lot of blame on marijuana. Through misleading presentations and graphics, marijuana gained a reputation as the “beginner” substance, which leads victims down a dangerous path. We know now that there are many different factors responsible for the connection between marijuana and heavy drug use.

Furthermore, CBD products are entirely different than marijuana. These products do not have high traces of the psychoactive component responsible for the “high” (THC). Our body (and the law) treats CBD very differently than other marijuana products.

Can CBD help with addiction?

CBD is often able to deliver the therapeutic benefits of many pharmacological interventions (such as opioids) without the risk of such prescriptions. Several studies investigated the potential CBD products had as an interventive measurement for addiction victims. While we will need more research for definitive conclusions, preliminary studies show promising results for CBD as both an interventive tool and a potential pain management treatment.

Is CBD oil addictive?

Marijuana had a bad reputation over the last few decades, making it difficult to discern between fact and fiction. Just as marijuana is not a gateway drug, it also doesn’t come with the risk of dependency that substances like opioids exhibit.

While there is some debate over the potential to develop a dependency on recreational marijuana, CBD products, such as CBD oil and capsules, is considered pretty safe. As CBD products significantly reduce (or eliminate) traces of THC, researchers found little evidence to support any addiction claims.

In other words, there is hardly any risk of developing an addiction to CBD. CBD does not have the molecular components which would facilitate addiction.

Regardless, it is always important to talk to your physician before using any CBD products. Even supplements or over the counter medications have the potential to induce pharmacological interactions or aggravate medical conditions.

After talking to your doctor, consider asking them for advice on what products would work best for you. Don’t let the plethora of options overwhelm you.

Our team at Treevana is here to help you with all of your CBD needs. Our goal is to help vet the countless CBD products on the market to give you the best of products available on this rapidly expanding market.

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