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Major Medical Marijuana Reform Comes Down to Senate

With so many new officials in office, we may expect many changes to come to the U.S. these next few years. Among many different potential legislation changes, medical marijuana remains one controversial subject everyone is waiting on.  

Across the nation, changes in legislation made it easier for people to obtain marijuana legally. Although these changes met some criticism, few can argue the success of such leniencies delivered so far. Still, opposition continues with some more conservative parties.  

Luckily, many candidates now offer strong opinions in favor of legalizing marijuana or making it easier to access. With so many conflicting views among candidates, any progress in the medical marijuana movement may come down to the Georgia senate races.  

What would progress bring? 

Progress has a lot to offer the United States. Marijuana is so much more than some recreational drug or fad. Medical marijuana changed the lives of countless people around the world. The low-risk and effective treatments offered relief to patients who had nowhere else to go. Before medical marijuana mandates allowed them to receive treatment, patients had to use less desired treatments or risk legal repercussions trying to obtain marijuana.  

Aside from sheer access, there are many indirect effects legalizing marijuana would have on the nation as we know it. For one thing, the impact medical marijuana would have on the economy would be significant. It would open billions of dollars of business opportunities (and tax revenue). Considering many companies’ current state, this would be crucial for getting the United States back on track.  

It would also potentially address the mass incarceration problem in the United States. It opens the door to overturning harsh convictions and saving tax dollars on locking up so many petty offenders behind bars.  

Why are the Georgian elections so relevant? 

The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a crucial bill for the marijuana legalization movement. This legislation would permanently remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substance Act. It is a massive step towards nationwide legalization.  

You may wonder, if the House passed it, why do elections matter? For the bill to make it to the “next round” and continue into action, the Senate has to vote it in. As Republicans typically hold more conservative views about the substance, we must count on the Democrats to win.  

Current Democrats running in Georgia that favor some leniency on marijuana legislation include Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Republican candidate, David Perdue, isn’t against medical marijuana, although his opponent, Kelly Loeffler, voiced opposition again legalization.  

While current polls indicate Democrats have the lead, these estimations have a high margin of error. It will be a close and exciting race, but hopefully, it will rule in our favor.  

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