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CBD in Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria

As a society, we came a long way from the Stone Age. Modern medicine is almost unrecognizable from its foundation of bloodletting and superstition. Although pharmaceutical advances beautifully redefined society, they opened the door to new, scary enemies that scientists struggle to battle.  

What does it mean when pathogens are “drug-resistant?” 

Scientists developed several different drugs that are highly effective in killing bacteria. Think about just how much a drug like penicillin can cure. Unfortunately, society got a little too reliant on such drugs. While medicine is still sophisticated enough where diseases don’t pose the same level of risk they did to our forefathers, drug-resistant bacteria are a bit problematic 

These are diseases that don’t respond to typical pharmaceutical treatment. While many infections meet their end after a round of antibiotics, these bacteria continue to live and grow. Finding ways to treat these diseases is a chief concern to medical researchers. Luckily, scientists found a potential solution.  

Can CBD kill bacteria? 

recent study found that doses of CBD effectively kill Gram-negative bacteria. While this doesn’t mean it kills all drug-resistant bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria is responsible for many types of resistant diseases. Examples of currently drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria include those responsible for strains of gonorrhea and meningitis. This finding is a significant step forward in the medical community.  

Is CBD the future of medicine? 

It’s hard to jump to any conclusions so early in a study. For one thing, researchers used a synthetic variant of CBD as opposed to a natural one. Additionally, there are huge differences between how things work under controlled lab conditions and in reality. Researchers need to conduct more research before anyone can draw more concrete conclusions. Nonetheless, these findings are fascinating. This evidence is what researchers need to move into more sophisticated processes like clinical trials. Although navigating the pharmaceutical world is challenging, this does not mean we shouldn’t expect CBD to gain interest in the medical community.  

CBD is a huge topic of discussion among physicians and researchers. Although the substance was once considered taboo, CBD is earning a reputation among the community and earning respect from political representatives. In recent years, the legalization movement experienced significant strides that few expected. Findings like these are just as exciting for medical marijuana movement advocates as they are for the medical community.  

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