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2021: Biden and Medical Marijuana

Every new election brings a fresh new perspective into the government. The elected officials’ attitudes play a huge role in determining how legislation changes (or remains the same). Medical marijuana advocates aim to impact legislation in favor of legalization.  

With expanding legalization across the country, where several states allow recreational cannabis, advocates hope the tolerance will spread nationwide. Advances in cannabis research demonstrate the effectiveness medicinally (as well as their relative safety compared to other treatment options).   

With a new president in the United States, members of the medical marijuana community have a lot to celebrate. Although Biden publicly stated he was in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, some criticize his past behavior in the Senate regarding the topic. Luckily, it seems that he is enlisting the help of several prominent advocates. These decisions give us a glimpse of the future of marijuana use in the United States. While no formal legislation is official, we may attempt to speculate potential outlooks based on current nominees’ track records.  

President-elect Joe Biden appointed a strong ally of medical marijuana as the lead role for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS).  

The Biden team is taking such administrative actions, but the team is open about the topic. During a press release, the team mentioned the HSS assistant secretary nominees expertise in medical marijuana. Rachel Levine is an excellent candidate for advocating to advance the medical marijuana community.  

Her accomplishments are not just cannabis-related. Dr. Levine is also an accomplished speaker with several books exploring the opioid crisis, LGBTQ+ medicine, and eating disorders, to highlight a few. She has a history advocating for medical marijuana and was instrumental in establishing the states medical marijuana program. 

Levine was also responsible for a considerable amount of work during the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure people continued to access medical marijuana during lockdowns and quarantine. One particular legislation she pushed was to reduce limitations for the number of CBD patients a single caregiver could register.   

Sheundoubtedly a pioneer that did fantastic work for the Pennsylvania community, giving us some pretty high expectations. Shes not the only official with exciting credentials. Bidens nominee to lead the Democratic national committee is also a strong advocate for the medical marijuana community. Hes in favor of total marijuana legalization. He also nominated cannabis legalization advocates for the attorney general (Vanita Gupta) and the commerce department (Gov. Gina Raimondo).  

This exciting selection of nominees gives hope for the medical marijuana community. In the last years, we reached many significant milestones, but the movement has a long way to go.  

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