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CBD and Diabetes

CBD is quite the buzzword among the scientific community. The marijuana-derived compound is revolutionizing the way patients seek treatment. Patients all over the US seek CBD to treat a variety of medical problems.  

These conditions range from neurological issues (like epilepsy) to mental health conditions (such as anxiety or depression). As CBD’s use becomes more widely accepted, researchers all over the world made exploring the implications of CBD a chief topic.  

Among the recent scientific finds, Canadian scientists discovered that CBD helps treat specific individuals who have diabetes 

What is diabetes?  

The term diabetes refers to one of several diseases. All diseases that fit under this umbrella term relate to defects involving the hormone insulin. Healthy bodies produce insulin to use sugar properly. When your body doesn’t make enough (or doesn’t use insulin efficiently), sugar becomes complicated.  

There are many different ways diabetes impacts other individuals. A common problem of Type 1 and 2 Diabetes is damage to the circulatory system. Elevated sugar levels may increase blot clot formation, leading to many other issues.  

Diabetes and foot ulcers 

This low circulation impacts how the body fights infection. When a foreign entity enters your body, it’s up to your immune system to fight it off. The bloodstream plays an essential role as it has the job of sending the “soldiers” to the site of infection.  

If the bloodstream doesn’t work, it’s almost as if traffic slowed down. Your white blood cells meant to defend your body cannot reach the bacterial site. This hindered function is the reason why those who have diabetes are at an increased risk of infection.  

It’s not uncommon for patients to get “intractable ulcers.” These refer to wounds that won’t close up and get better. In severe cases, patients must undergo amputations. Of course, amputations add increased risk as your body must now heal from the amputation site. This treatment is not an ideal solution, so the medical community is searching for better alternatives.  

CBD and ulcer treatment 

In a recent publication in the International Wound Journal, researchers investigated the effects of treating leg ulcers with CBD treatments. They used topical CBD ointments to treat the infected sites.  

The research conducted delivered promising results. While you can’t just conclude one study alone, these findings warrant future investigation.  

If CBD is an effective treatment, it could replace extreme measures or harsh medications. As research continues, we hope to see more conditions revolutionized by the compound.  

Remember, these are experimental treatments. It would be best if you addressed any questions or concerns with your primary care physician. They alone can prescribe treatments to you and offer guidance – especially in life-threatening cases. Even over-the-counter and holistic problems have risks and interactions you must consider.  

Our team at Treevana Wellness wants to introduce you to the expansive world of CBD. We reviewed countless CBD oils, capsules, and edibles to deliver you only the finest selection of products. We know that this emerging CBD market is a bit overwhelming. Let us help you navigate the cannabis world.



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