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FAQ: Medical Edibles

As medical marijuana use continues to rise in the United States, people seek out more information on which products are right for them. Among one of the more popular selections, edibles offer a simple way to ingest cannabis for a personalized experience. 

Edibles seem almost too good to be true. Can receiving pain relief be as simple as eating a brownie or sucking on a lollipop? For many Americans, the answer is yes. Edibles are an ageold method of consuming cannabis. This technique is an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to smoke anything or hate the potent taste of pure cannabis.  

There are probably many things you have questions about before diving into the world of medical cannabis edibles.  

  • Do edibles smell? 

The primary concern individuals have is what edibles smell like. Many chose edibles over other options due to the fact it doesn’t “feel like” marijuana. If you have concerns over the scent, you can rest easy knowing that edibles do not smell like marijuana. Generally, if you get yours from high-quality dispensaries, you won’t even taste it. This factor also means that you will not have cannabis on your breath.  

  • Do edibles work immediately?  

No. It is essential to factor in a “waiting period” when diving into edibles. Edibles take somewhere between 15 minutes and a halfhour to kick in. This time may vary between products and individuals. Make sure to wait out this time before attempting to ingest more.  

  • Are all edibles the same? 

Not all edibles are the same. Some are more potent, higher quality, and even taste different. Talk to the dispensary about the dosage and potency of your products and what you should expect. They can inform you of what you may feel or taste when using their products.  

  • Can you overdose on edibles? 

Luckily, no one ever died from strictly ingesting too much cannabis. Having too much cannabis is unpleasant, though. If you eat too many edibles, it is relatively common to feel sick and nauseous or dizzy. It’s crucial to wait it out before eating too much. The effects take some time, and it’s vital not to overdo it because you don’t feel the results quickly. 

  • Do edibles make you high? 

How an edible will make you feel will also vary. While you can undoubtedly purchase edibles made with THC, unique CBD edibles have no psychoactive compounds. These edibles will not give you that feeling of being high. Still, they can help with the other medicinal effects you want to achieve, such as pain management or anxiety relief.  

Don’t forget to consult with your physician before consuming edibles.  

 Treevana Wellness aims to help guide you through the new and exciting world of CBDOur team took the time to review countless CBD products, so you don’t have to. We have a wide selection of CBD edibles, tinctures, and oils. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding CBD products.   


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