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NFL to Donate $1 Million Towards Pain Management Research Grants

A recent announcement declared that the NFL would donate $1 Million towards research grants investigating pain management. This money could help up to five different studies examining pain management as a whole and alternatives like cannabinoids.  

Why Is it Important to Fund Pain Management? 

Pain management is a topic that deserves investigation. At one point or another, most people must tackle pain management, whether it be when they get a headache from a cold or land themselves in an automobile accident.  

We must develop our pain management to evolve and get better with time and research. Every field deserves advancement where possible, and current pain management treatments could use a makeover.  

What Is the Problem with Current Pain Management? 

There are tons of pain management techniques that exist and are effective. However, research is not just a journey where you simply stop when you get to anything that kind of works.  

These pain management techniques come with potential side effects which could wreak havoc on someone’s life.  

Overdoses, addiction, and organ damage are just a few different problems chronic painkiller users face regularly. While it’s easy to tell someone with minor pain to “deal with it,” there are many people that simply cannot live with the pain.  

Addressing extreme pain is necessary for people to live their lives happily and productively. You can’t let a disease or injury stop you from living your best life.  

The ideal option would be to find a pain management technique that cuts back on some of these horrible side effects. While there are a few candidates for the new “big treatment,” few have as much attention from scientists and the press as cannabinoids.  

Can Cannabinoids Help? 

Cannabinoids were a research focus for many years. In addition to having some connections with the controversial drug marijuana, they also have connections with symptom relief for many conditions.  

From easing chemotherapy to helping people living with arthritis, it’s easy to see why many turn to medical marijuana and CBD products to get the treatment they need.  

The best part is that they do not have the risks of overdosing and strong dependency on popular painkillers, like opioids.  

Many believe that cannabinoids hold the potential to help millions of people get the symptom to relieve they need without taking on all the potentially harmful consequences.  

Of course, before we make it to the point where we can make concrete declarations, we need to research. Research outcomes help determine which drugs are worth looking into and even help governments decide how regulations should change.  

It’s because of successful research that the legalization movement can thank a lot of progress in the last decade. While anecdotes are helpful, it is empirical research that helps sway critics with evidence.  

The donation by the NFL will no doubt help spearhead this evolution. 

 Why Is Research Important? 

The research investigates essential topics in every aspect of our life. Experiments and studies help determine whether certain medications are safe to which coaching techniques are most effective.  

Especially when it comes to pharmaceutical and medical studies, funding is not cheap. Drug research can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single medication.  

Without these well-organized studies, we cannot determine if things are safe or not. It helps uncover the most effective approaches and determine the long-term side effects of different things. We need research to help separate fact from fiction. 

Although these endeavors seem costly, they often save many resources and time in the long run – whether through sparing lives or saving funds.  

Why Should the NFL Care? 

There is this negative stigma surrounding substance dependence. Many people are critical of those battling with their issues and chalk patients up to being degenerates or hooligans.  

However, anyone may fall victim to opioid dependence just by trying out prescriptions from their doctor. Following injury, surgery, or the diagnosis of a chronic condition, some people find themselves unable to kick the habit of addictive medication. Unfortunately, opioids are incredibly effective and easily obtainable in the United States. People start their journey desperate for symptom relief but land themselves in heaps of trouble while trying to kick their dependencies. Substance dependence is not a sign of weakness and certainly not something that only targets a specific demographic. In fact, many idols fall victim to these very drugs.  

When it comes to professionals that deal with a lot of physical stress or injuries, such as in the players in the NFL, supporting proper pain management techniques is a must. In fact, the National Football League has its pain management committee – the department which announced the news about the grant research donation in combination with the NFL Players Association.  

It’s very encouraging that the NFL took such a strong stance in pain management research.  

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Source: https://hempindustrydaily.com/nfl-will-fund-1-million-in-research-grants-on-pain-management-and-cannabinoids/  

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