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Hemp Products Get More Shelf Space at Local Grocery Stores

When people think about marijuana, they typically think about things like medical CBD or recreational smoking. However, there are tons of hemp products on the market already, and popularity is on the rise.  

 You can probably find hemp food products at your local grocery store or market. Don’t be too surprised if you didn’t notice these products before; many only had a small section or endcap.  

Those days of tiny shelf spaces and minimal products are coming to an end as significant grocery chains want to offer more ad space to hemp items as the consumer demand rises.  

 What Is Hemp? 

Although they share some similarities, hemp and marijuana are not the same things. Learning about the key differences can help you explain why many use the plant as a fantastic grocery substitute for their children’s lunches or a healthy breakfast.  

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa) harvested for its strong fiber and seeds. While the plant comes from the same family of plants that create the marijuana drug, it is not the same.  

For one, you cannot get high off hemp. It’s just an edible plant that doesn’t offer any of these euphoric effects associated with marijuana. Because of this minimal level of THC, there are often fewer legal restrictions to it.  

For instance, hemp products don’t often require an age minimum or a license. 

What Are Hemp Food Products? 

Hemp food products are items produced with hemp seeds infused into the recipe. Hemp seeds have a nutty aroma and are pretty healthy.  

Raw ingredients allow you to add hemp products where you want. Popular hemp ingredients include hemp oil, hemp flour, or even just raw hemp seeds. You may use the flour or oil to back with and even sprinkle the raw seeds directly into your oatmeal or yogurt like you would add chia seeds to your snack or meal.  

If you are not a huge fan of cooking, you can also buy hemp products that already incorporate the seed into their recipe.  

 These premade items include things like brownies, cookies, granola bars, and gum. These examples are in addition to things like supplements. 

 Is it Legal to Sell Hemp Food Products? 

While the legality of hemp may vary between state and state, hemp foods are generally legal in most areas in the U.S. It’s not only permitted but becoming more popular as time goes on. Many people investigating the potential benefits of hemp food products increase the demand for this specific type of food.  

Why Are Benefits of Hemp Food?  

Hemp plants have a high nutritional value, and researchers linked several potential health benefits to hemp consumption. These benefits include things such as: 

  • Healthy Fats: Not all fats are unhealthy; in fact, many experts suggest that healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are essential. While fish are a chief source, it may be difficult for vegetarians or vegans to get their healthy dose. Hemp actually may contain fatty acids that contribute to health. Hemp seeds also contain a substance that may contribute to cholesterol reduction. 
  • Protein: In general, seeds are an excellent source of protein. Hemp seeds have all ten essential amino acids. It has a tremendous potential to be a protein source for plant-based diets.  
  • Magnesium: Hemp seeds also may be a great source of magnesium. Empirical data linked magnesium deficiencies with several health conditions like insulin resistance, heart disease, and osteoporosis.  

Is Hemp Food Popular? 

Although hemp products were around for years, it is only recently that hemp foods made their way to your local grocery store. Before, these items were only available for purchase at specific specialty stores.  

For a long time, there was a negative stigma surrounding “hemp” in general. People drew connections between the substance and marijuana, which many thought of as a devious and dangerous drug for a while.  

Now that we have more research around the topic and an increasing acceptance of CBD products, the public is ready to consider the benefits of bringing hemp products to their grocery store.  

Nowadays, we see an interested audience that is so much more than extremist hippies. Lots of people want to explore the different things hemp has to offer.  

How Will More Ad Space Contribute to Spreading Awareness?  

With having more space for hemp-related advertisements, some stores will consumers learn more about their options. Having a more comprehensive selection exposes the public to different things, helps people know what options there are, and convinces people to try them out.  

In 2021, hemp food products are more popular than ever. The U.S. Department of Agriculture determined that they were on the rise. There are five times as many ads featuring hemp products since 2021! 

With offering the industry more room to grow, hemp products are one step closer to becoming a household staple.  

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Source: https://hempindustrydaily.com/major-grocers-dedicating-more-ad-space-to-hemp-food-products-in-2021/  

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