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The Georgia House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

History was made in The Georgia House in March 2019, as a bill was passed to allow medical marijuana oil to be sold to registered patients, providing a legal way to take the drug.

The legislation passed a bill that allows medical marijuana planting, manufacturing, testing, and delivering. Although, recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Georgia.

Before the bill, the great people of Georgia were allowed to use medical marijuana if you suffered from seizures, cancer, and other illnesses, but it was illegal to grow, buy, sell or transport the drug, leaving patients no way of getting it.

“These aren’t people who are seeking a recreational high. These aren’t people who are seeking to use illicit drugs,” said state Rep. Micah Gravley, a Republican from Douglasville. “These are people who have tried and failed with opioids. These are people who want their children to suffer less seizures.”

Once approved, Georgia will become one of the 31 states that have already legalized medical marijuana. Disputants against the bill, like sheriffs and religious officials, believe legalizing the drug could lead to full marijuana legalization. “The path Georgia is taking now is a very treacherous and dangerous path,” said Terry Norris, the executive director of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association. “The sheriffs are serious when they say that marijuana is a dangerous, addictive gateway drug. Even though we’re not talking about legalizing for recreational purposes, we believe all the notoriety of this discussion will lead to increased marijuana use by children.”

Georgia has a medical marijuana program, which will not allow the misuse of the drug, but the concern is acknowledged. When the bill is in full effect, the state of Georgia will be ready.