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A Big Stepping-Stone for the Cannabis Plant Happens in Georgia

History was made as the state of Georgia legalized the use of medical marijuana allowing patients to legally buy marijuana they were originally prescribed to take.

Before House Bill 324, patients have repeatedly broken the law as they purchased CBD oil and other cannabis products. But thanks to Governor Brian Kemp, he recently signed a bill that would solve the needs of the people because the bill is carefully designed to give patients access to the drug and ensures marijuana will not be abused or used for recreational use. No longer will families be crossing the line and risking their lives for CBD oil and other cannabis products. The bill also closes a loophole in which banned growing, purchasing and selling, but allowed only certain patients to own it. The law will take effect on July 1, 2019.

This law once passed will also open the doors for many businesses and Universities throughout Georgia. It will grant six growing licenses to businesses trying to start a crop; it allows pharmacies to administer the drug as high priority and also put independent retailers on the map; moreover, local universities in Georgia will be able to conduct research on the cannabis plant and even produce CBD oil. All in all, it’s a big stepping-stone for the cannabis plant; especially in Georgia.

Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page and wants the bill to pass. Georgia is in the “Bible Belt” and there are many religious groups and even sheriffs against the bill. These people believe dangerous consequences will come out of this law such as soon recreational use of marijuana will be allowed causing the “Gateway Drug” to make its way to the youth. Thankfully citizens like Shannon Cloud have come to City Hall to support the bill and prove people wrong. Shannon Cloud has a thirteen-year-old daughter who suffers from severe seizures, a result of Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that also impairs her mental development. Cloud has told the press she’s very excited about the bill passing and that she, along with other parents can finally gain access to medical marijuana safely.

To find out more information about House Bill 324, follow Gov. Brian Kemp’s efforts to make Georgia a better place.